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Did Ridley Scott’s “Exodus” movie give the Sphinx a white/European makeover?

The backlash against Ridley Scott’s Exodus is gathering momentum. After Noah’s mixed reception earlier this year, more and more people are sick of seeing movies with “whitewashed” casts: White actors representing historical figures who almost certainly were not white.

The latest accusation of Exodus whitewashing relates to someone who technically isn’t even a character: the Sphinx.

The likeliest explanation is that the sculpture in this picture is not the Sphinx, but is in fact a statue of Ramses. This means that it would have been based on actor Joel Edgerton’s face. 

Unfortunately, this just makes the whitewashed casting even more blatant, because real statues of Ramses II simply do not look like that. So while Exodus may not have made a “white version” of the Sphinx, Egyptian culture is still being erased and rewritten to fit in with the film’s predominantly white cast of actors.




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I want to watch supernatural but I don't have netflix or Hulu or stuff like that so do you know where I can watch it?

i watch it with spanish subs and i guess you don’t want that so i just

googled “watch supernatural online” and this was the first result it has multiple choices for each episode too so yeah 

good luck watching this soul crushing series anon

ok confession time no matter how much i love tokyo ghoul, the storytelling in the manga always confuses me 

because there’s nothing happening for a while and then suddenly lots of new info and things happening and new names and i get lost so fast. i just finished reading like 3 chapters and i barely know what happened.

i know they’re saying important stuff but i’m just. unfocused? i guess. the characters know what they’re talking about but i don’t. i just keep reading and wait for stuff to happen.

i’m catching up with tokyo ghoul and if something bad happens to hide i will be so upset hide why do you have such dangerous hobbies for the love of god



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"If you win… then we can talk about as much anime as you want."


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